In live in Seattle at a small apartment along with Steve, my husband. Both of us are too busy in our respective work and my husband has to remain abroad for most of the time for his work. We do not get enough time for the maintenance of our house and I did not even realize that the décor of my house has become outdated although my apartment was plush. I always believe in keeping a track with the latest fashion and I had never failed to update me according to the latest trend but I realized that I had ignore the décor of the house for the past few years when my friend pointed it out to me.

Outdated Décor

My family and friends decided to spend the Thanksgiving ceremony at our house for its prime location at Seattle which made me more nervous as I had only a month for completely refurbishing the décor of the house. Unable to find from where to begin, I started exploring the home improvements catalogue online of a reputed home improvement company. I was mesmerized by the designs I found in the catalogue and could not choose the best from it.

Awe-Inspiring Catalogues

I was in a dilemma which design to choose and which one will be apt for my apartment. The designs were all modern. I decided to put an email to the home improvement company and to my surprise they guided me how to redesign the décor of my apartment. I decided to go for the plan as they promised to complete the project within a month. I could not invest much of the time on it for my busy schedule but the refurbishing work was done in tune of wishes.

The Final Result

After 28 days, I saw the images from the home improvements catalogue come into life in my apartment. Steve could not contain his awe when he discovered our refurbished home. I was greatly appreciated by all the guests in the Thanksgiving ceremony for my home.

My father is very keen in home decoration and spends his free time in remodeling the home décor. He is not aware of the various contemporary designs that are popular. He is still in those days when the décor use to be huge and grand. This at times involves a lot of costing and the maintenance cost is also very high.

New Collections

I love his suggestions in home décor but I believe that his ideas need some modulation and he can try the new things. If not trying it he can get inspired by the new designs. I gave him ideas but nothing seemed to satisfy him. Lastly I decided to show some of the newest deigns. I went online and found some very interesting home improvements catalogue. The catalogues had new designs and all were simply beautiful and I didn’t know which one will be the best.

Perception Changed

I showed my father the latest and the new and improved home improvement designs and ideas. He got really impressed. He said that he didn’t know that small space can give such variety. He is fond of eth home improvements catalogue and asked me to show more.

To Find The Company

He became my partner in the search of new ideas of home improvements. We both searched together to get the company who is giving the services as well as DIY kits for home renovation. We got excited after seeing the different home improvement catalogues and decided we both together will start the hoe renovation. This time my views and my dad’s view matched and now we are working on the home improvement plans. The home improvement catalogues helped both of us. I did not have much interest in home improvement but as I started to know about it I joined my father in his work.

I was planning to refurbish and remodel my house which my parents had bought almost two decades back. I wanted to refurbish it in the blend of the modern as well as traditional style so that my parents like it too. I hunted through the catalogs of different retail shops in the city but I never got what I always desired for. I collected free samples of catalogs from the stores and brushed through the pages of different magazines so that I can blend the designs and implement it while refurbishing my house.

Aesthetic Catalogs

While I was looking for a reliable home improvement company online, I went through the home improvements catalog of that company and I was aw-struck by the aesthetics they displayed in the images. The catalogs featured aesthetic décor blended with the traditional as well as modern style. The catalogs depicted furniture which helps in space management so that the house can look spacious as well as airy. I realized that I had wasted much of the time in hunting for designs in the retail stores without much success when I can get it online from the comforts of my home. I decided to surprise my parents when they return back from holiday with the refurbished house.

Home Improvement Within Budget

I assigned the home improvement company to undertake the refurbishing project of our house without any delay so that the house can get a completely new look when my parents arrive after 6 weeks. I did not have to run after the home improvement company as they started their work efficiently on the stipulated time. To my surprise the whole project came within my budget and it was completed in n only 5 weeks and the house no more looked like a 20 year old house.


My parents were elated to see a refurbished home after their vacation.

I went to visit Aunt Grace in the countryside this summer. I remember the last time I visited her was when I was a child. Her house was a typical countryside house with a simple patio, a traditional fence boundary, simple tiled-roofs, white-washed walls and simple furnishing were spread throughout the house. I expected to see that house gain but imagined it to be in dilapidated condition after so many years.

Aunt Grace’s DIY Project Through Online Catalogues

I was awe-struck when I reached aunt grace’s house as it was completely remodeled and it seemed to me that I am visiting a new house. Aunt Grace welcomed me with warmth to her home. I was surprised to explore each room as the room resembled the pages of famous home improvements catalogue. Out of curiosity, I asked Aunt Grace whether she had pulled down her old house and built this masterpiece in the countryside. She informed me that she had refurbished and remodeled the house herself after taking ideas from the home improvements catalogue online. I was right in comprehending that the house looked like pages from catalogues.

Successful Project

Aunt Grace’s DIY home improvement project was a success as she was quite famous for her house in the countryside and many of her neighbors often take advice from her for remodeling.

When finally I decided to shift to California from Mexico, with my daughter and husband, the first concern clicked into my head was to consult   good team of interior experts to give a very classic look to my newly bought apartment. But I was unaware about the fact that after moving in I need to spend at least a couple of week to sell the old stuffs first. So it took a long time to get the job done. After I got done with selling my old tuffs then only I got sometimes to visit the shops to buy some new furniture. But since as it took already a pretty long time, I was in haste to get done with the whole decoration stuff.

Me A Decorator

Initially I counseled with Joseph and hence decided to do the decoration along with a whole team of interior decorators. But in the mean time, one of my office colleagues, Martha, told me about the home improvements catalogue which is widely available over the internet. I googled them at first. Then after thousand times of round table meeting with Joseph I ended up with the decision of taking help of home improvements catalogue.

I am not a homemaker. So I hardly get some times to stay and relaxing at home. For a busy lady like me, this idea of home improvement catalogue was very relevant. When I went through a large number of home improvement catalogue sites and summed up with some extraordinary decoration ideas.

The Journey Started Then

The prime focus for me has been to make a grand master bedroom. At the same time I was very conscious for saving a little space to put a divan in that same room. Well though I was pretty clear with the concept of what I want to do with my bed room, but I was unable to project a clear idea about this. Home improvements catalogue made my job thousand times easier. I got a clear sketch of bedroom decoration. Most importantly it is the home improvement catalogue which introduced the idea of using antic pieces, lampshades, rot iron bed and other furniture instead of some over expensive conventional wooden one.

The next focus was onto my kid’s room. Well I wanted to use some out the box bric a brac in this case. In this case also I received a huge help from home improvements catalogue. Thus with the help of home improvements catalogue I embellish my entire apartment including the kitchen, dining room, bathroom and living room.

So if you are keen to know more about some other privilege in detail then you must checks out the home improvements catalogue.